A like-minded coalition

Now Or Neverglades

How it all started

Now or Neverglades Declaration is not a formal organization, but about 20 likeminded and knowledgeable individuals and organizations who realized the problem and solution to Florida’s water disaster are apparent. This is a nonpartisan document ignoring political posturing, created from the science and providing a reasonable conclusion. The support for the declaration’s direction is staggering and growing exponentially.

The State’s mismanagement of our waters has wrecked businesses, real estate values, health, quality of life and the economy in the entire southern end of Florida.

The Goal

Restore the Everglades, Protect Florida’s Water and Save Florida Tourism

Please consider making a donation

to one of our founding partners.


The Power Of A Common Goal

“To do good, you actually have to do something.” – Yvon Chouinard

Now Or Neverglades wishes to thank the following businesses and organizations who have provided such amazing support. If you are looking for reputable businesses to help you, we ask that you consider them first.

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